The Distorted Waltz

Introducing, in this corner, The Distorted Waltz, an alternative rock band from Saginaw, Michigan.

Musicians Andy Jeglic, Matt Hofmann, and Cody Marecek have a history of performing together dating back to 2006, when high schoolers Jeglic (guitarist/vocalist) and Hofmann (bassist) were seeking a drummer for their garage band. A chance encounter with the then 13 year old Marecek led to the first incarnation of The Distorted Waltz. After years of spontaneous jamming, a decision was made to record music professionally.

The result was a year of on and off recording, resulting in the eponymous 2012 debut album “The Distorted Waltz”. Touching on a wide variety of inspirations, including blues, ska, and grunge, The Distorted Waltz creates a melting pot of genres, resulting in a truly unique and eclectic sound that is rapidly gaining attention in the region.

For a debut album that’s been years in the making, The Distorted Waltz is a refreshing blend of classic alt sound and vocals that are at just the right level. I thoroughly enjoyed the amount of variety that was presented in the album, a lot of the songs contrast against one another in a subtle way (for instance, ‘Burn’ and ‘Boat On Boiling Water’). However one downside is that the quality of the music varies a bit from song to song, possibly because of the time span between recordings. It’s a minor detail that could have really boosted the production value of the album from good, to fantastic.

All in all though, ‘The Distorted Waltz’ is full of amazing talent and a sound that’s lively and fresh. I’d love to see these guys work on future albums or live shows and can’t wait to hear what they put together next. Before you go be sure to pick up your copy of their debut album and throw a few likes their way on the band’s Facebook.